Ultimate Guide to Smart Home Systems in Turkey

"Smart Homes" are homes that have the latest technology. All of the parts of the house are controlled by technology, so they are fully automated. That means you can control everything in your home with the touch of a button, including the lights, water faucets, TV, air conditioners, kitchen, temperature,...

Interior Design Audit

The process of interior design supervision involves the designer overseeing the execution of all tasks, including design, selecting personnel and materials, renovating existing spaces, and completing the project as planned.

How to Make Your House More Natural?

Globalization, technological advancements, and revolutionary developments have spread rapidly as the new era ushers in a new chapter in human history. You are eagerly following the most recent technological trends, innovations, and creations.

Famous Turkish Architecture

The many architectural styles seen in Turkey are one reason vacationing there is not only enjoyable but also educational. The variety is astounding, ranging from the wooden, platform stilt homes in the Northeast to the whitewashed homes along the Aegean coast.

Contemporary Style Guide

Are you new to the field of interior design? Maybe you've had a lover for years. In any case, it is difficult to distinguish the design styles from each other. Frankly, there is a lot of overlap between aesthetics. Nowhere is it more crossover than in contemporary style.

Turkish Houses and Timeless Architectural Styles

From old and traditional to new and modern, Turkish home design has changed dramatically over the years. In the past, Turks built their houses based on local resources, today it is all about comfort and practicality. Over the past 20 years, Turkey has invested heavily in modernizing its housing market.

Popular Housing Types and Architectural Buildings in Turkey

The architectural style of Turkey, which has been the birthplace of multiculturalism for centuries, has a rich historical heritage and is a combination of styles of various civilizations from Western architecture to Eastern architecture. While the influence of Rome, Greece, and many older pre-Ottoman civilizations is clearly visible...

Famous Turkish Architects

The identity of Türkiye is closely related to its architecture. Tourists are mesmerized by the magnificent Blue Mosque with its beautiful dome (which took seven years to build), the Ottoman architecture throughout Sultanahmet's old town, and the stunning beach houses along the Bosphorus.

Modern Residential Architecture Styles in Türkiye

Finding the perfect home for everyone is a challenge, which is why contemporary homes are the perfect choice for investors, they have everything you need from exquisite, simple and elegant to aesthetically pleasing. Today, modern Turkish architecture is gaining popularity as investors prefer warmer, sun-drenched homes for a healthier and...

Traditional Turkish Houses and Architectural Styles

When looking at traditional Turkish houses, don't be one size fits all, as there is more than one style of architecture. While some parts of Turkey are better known than others for their iconic housing markets, each region has a different flavor of Turkey for a number of reasons. Previously,...

Lakehouse Plans with Major Curb Objection

Looking for a summer vacation? Check out these lake house plans. Contemporary floor plans, stylish curb features and easy outdoor access make them great choices for vacation homes or even primary residences. Here are ten of our favorites.

New Modern Farmhouse Plans

The modern farmhouse has become a very well-known design style, and for good reason. Charming curbside features combine with an open and contemporary interior for a highly welcoming style. We've selected some of our favorite new modern farmhouse plans, all with thoughtful amenities, comfortable extensions, and open floor plans.