New provisions for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership

The Turkish official gazette published on Tuesday, December 12, a Republican decision issued by the presidency of the Republic of Turkey and Turkish President "Recep Tayyip Erdogan" and bearing the number 32397 regarding making some amendments to the conditions for granting Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership

Turkish Real Estate Rental Law 2024

The first day of last September witnessed the implementation of a new law imposing financial fines on real estate owners who impose exorbitant rents on tenants in Turkey, as disputes in recent years between landlords and tenants of real estate in Turkey have led to the filing of nearly 100,000...

Ways to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment 2024

The law granting Turkish citizenship through investment was issued at the beginning of 2017, followed by amendments in subsequent years. The last amendment was published in the Turkish Official Gazette in May 2022 and was officially implemented in mid-June of last year.

Turkish passport... Extraction method and fees 2024

The Turkish passport ranks 49th globally among international passports, according to its Henley Global Index, and the Turkish passport enables its holder to travel to 116 countries without the need for a prior visa. The Turkish passport can be applied for once Turkish citizenship is obtained through purchasing a property,...

Amending the executive instructions for obtaining Turkish citizenship

Turkish real estate circles circulated news that a new amendment had been made to the executive instructions for granting Turkish citizenship via a bank deposit, by adding a document that was not previously required and including the application file for obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Advantages of buying a commercial property in Turkey

Commercial real estate in Turkey is one of the most popular types of Turkish real estate by foreign investors in Turkey for trading in real estate and achieving high investment returns by establishing a business in it, renting it, or reselling it.

Opportunities and challenges of real estate investment in Turkiye 2024-2025

Studying the feasibility of real estate investment in Turkey requires looking beyond the current period to the foreseeable future and the near future, and researching the opportunities, challenges and obstacles that the coming period and years may bring and their direct impact on real estate investment returns

Will Turkey's real estate market remain active in the future?

One of the most important questions that concern investors wishing to start their real estate investments in Turkey revolves around whether or not the Turkish real estate market will maintain its activity in the near and medium future and about ways to preserve capital and develop the investment value of...

The development of infrastructure and its relationship to the economy and investment in Turkiye

Turkey has been adopting a clear approach since the beginning of the third millennium, that is, 23 years ago, which consists of building and developing infrastructure projects according to modern foundations that suit its geographical nature and its location on the Anatolian plateau and in the Marmara region.

The Grand Istanbul Tunnel: Transforming Transportation in Turkey

The Grand Istanbul Tunnel is a groundbreaking infrastructure project that aims to revolutionize transportation in the vibrant and populous city of Istanbul, Turkey. Envisioned as a key component of the country's ambitious transportation agenda, the tunnel is set to play a pivotal role in alleviating traffic congestion, enhancing connectivity, and...

Türkiye is close to selling one million properties in 2023

The monthly report on Turkish real estate sales for last October and the total Turkish sales from the beginning of the year until the tenth month of the year was issued and was published yesterday evening, Thursday, November 16, on the website of the Turkish Statistics Institute.

Bahcelievler... The most lively area of Istanbul

Bahçelievler occupies a distinguished location within the map of real estate areas in Istanbul with residential and investment features due to its multiple advantages, its geographical location in the heart of European Istanbul, and its inclusion of all service facilities: