How to choose an ideal apartment in Turkiye?

The goal of many people who want to own real estate in Turkey is to obtain an ideal apartment in Turkey within the city of Istanbul or any other Turkish city, and buyers focus on several factors that they want to have in their apartment in terms of location, area, quality of construction, type of apartment, floor height, view, area, style, services, etc.

What is meant by the ideal apartment in Turkey 

We must agree first that the term “ideal” varies according to tastes and desire to buy. There are those who believe that the ideal apartment is the one located in the city centers and surrounded by tourist and historical places and attractions. Another customer believes that the ideal apartment overlooks the sea or the forest. A third customer sees Details of the apartment's interior, type of apartment, quality of construction, and provision of services.

However, the common factors that make up the ideal apartment in Turkey can be summarized in several points:

  • Apartment location.
  • Apartment area.
  • Construction type.
  • Apartment type.
  • Build quality.
  • Good view.
  • Diversity of services.
  • The spacious area.
  • Number of rooms suitable for family members.

ideal apartment in Turkey

Steps to choose an ideal apartment in Türkiye:

If you have already made your decision to own real estate in Turkey and want to get an ideal apartment among your favorite places to buy and you have important ideas for your ideal apartment, then there are several steps you must take to obtain your desire:

1- Communicating with the customer service team in the Golden Group in Türkiye

As soon as the idea of buying an ideal apartment in Turkey arises, you can communicate by phone on the company’s numbers or through communication applications such as WhatsApp and others with the customer service team at the Golden Group Real Estate Consulting Company in Turkey and inform them of the basic points that you want to obtain within your ideal apartment in terms of the city, location and region. The view, services, quality, etc.

2- Receive advice and guidance about the reality of the real estate market

After the Golden Group employee listens to you and learns about your requirements that do not deviate from them, he provides you with a set of advice and guidance about the reality of the real estate market, including laws and market movement, the best time for ownership, the pros and cons, and the costs of purchasing the apartment before and after ownership, including fees and taxes, as well as regarding Turkish real estate projects. .

3- Choosing the most suitable cities and regions for real estate ownership in Türkiye

You can request to obtain the ideal apartment in any Turkish city and specific region because the Golden Group for Real Estate Consulting provides offers in all cities and regions, and you can also request assistance from the employee to determine the best cities and regions that will give you an ideal apartment that meets your ambitions.

4- Get offers for ideal apartments in Türkiye

After agreeing on the main elements and providing advice and instructions, the customer service representative will send you one or more offers that suit your requests and the goals you are looking for in your ideal apartment, including the city and region in which the apartment is located, its pictures and video clips, its area, the number of rooms, its services, its view, the price brochure, and all other details.

5- Visit the apartment and see its external and internal details

If you like one of the apartments sent to you in the offers, you will agree with the employee on the day of your travel to Turkey in order to receive you at the airport and take you to the hotel, and after receiving a few hours or a day of rest, one of the company’s cars, accompanied by the sales official, will take you to the apartment or apartments that you liked in order to view them personally and find out. The area, perimeter, area, quality view, view, and attached services.

6- Concluding the purchase contract and obtaining a certified copy of it

When you agree to purchase, the sales employee at the Golden Group for Real Estate Consulting asks the construction company or the sales office it represents to conclude a multi-item purchase contract. It is usually written in Turkish and English. If you do not master any of these languages, you can request a translation of the contract into your preferred language or request a translator to explain. Terms, learn about your rights and duties, then sign both copies of the contract and obtain a copy signed by the construction company or its representative, then have it duly authenticated by the Turkish Notary Department (notary public).

7- Transferring the value of the apartment to the seller’s account

After signing and ratifying the sales contracts, the value of the apartment is transferred exclusively in Turkish Lira from the buyer’s account to the seller’s account. If a foreign currency is available, whatever its type, it must be sold to the Central Bank of Turkey and exchanged for the local currency before the transfer is made through an intermediary bank.

8- Transferring real estate ownership and obtaining the title deed document

The final stage is preparing the ownership transfer file by the after-sales services department of the Golden Group for Turkish Real Estate Consulting, including a set of documents and papers, especially the real estate evaluation report, purchase contracts, payment receipts, a copy of the buyer’s passport, the seller’s national ID, and others, then booking an appointment with the Land Registry and Real Estate Survey Directorate. In Turkey, the seller and buyer or their representative are directed by an official agency to complete the procedures for transferring real estate ownership and for the new owner to obtain the real estate title deed document.

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