Turkish passport... Extraction method and fees 2024

The Turkish passport ranks 49th globally among international passports, according to its Henley Global Index, and the Turkish passport enables its holder to travel to 116 countries without the need for a prior visa. The Turkish passport can be applied for once Turkish citizenship is obtained through purchasing a property, a bank deposit, or Any other way.

What documents are required to obtain a Turkish passport 2024?

The Turkish authorities, represented by the Civil Registry, have determined the documents required to grant the general Turkish passport, which are:

  • Turkish identity.
  • A copy of the Turkish ID.
  • Temporary ID document (if you have not received the ID yet).
  • 2 personal photos.
  • A letter of approval from the family of the passport applicant if he is under 18 years old or has special needs.
  • Student certificate for students.
  • Notice of payment of passport fees.
  • Residence certificate in Türkiye.
  • Fill out the passport application form.

How to apply for a red (general) Turkish passport?

  1. Get an appointment by visiting the Turkish souls link https://randevu.nvi.gov.tr/.
  2. An appointment can also be booked by calling 199 from inside Türkiye.
  3. Pay the passport fees (depending on the required period) via the Turkish Postal Corporation.
  4. Go to the nearest Civil Directorate according to the appointment you received.
  5. Submit the above-mentioned papers to the responsible employee.

How many days does it take to obtain a Turkish passport in 2023?

Within days (between three and seven days) or a month at the latest, the Turkish passport will be sent to the applicant’s address through the Turkish Post Office.

In the event that he is not at home, the passport is deposited at the nearest post office and its owner is notified via text message in order to visit the office and receive his original passport.


Costs of obtaining a Turkish passport for the year 2023:

Passport validity Fees
3 months  2431 TL
1 year 3181 TL
2 years 4705 TL
3 years 6350 TL
4 years and more 8625 TL


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