Ultimate Guide to Smart Home Systems in Turkey

"Smart Homes" are homes that have the latest technology. All of the parts of the house are controlled by technology, so they are fully automated. That means you can control everything in your home with the touch of a button, including the lights, water faucets, TV, air conditioners, kitchen, temperature,...

All the Information You Require Regarding Wall Sconces

One of the earliest types of lighting in history, wall sconces were used to hold candles. These wall-mounted light sources at eye level cast a glowy point on a surface and distribute light throughout the space.

Interior Design Audit

The process of interior design supervision involves the designer overseeing the execution of all tasks, including design, selecting personnel and materials, renovating existing spaces, and completing the project as planned.

A Kilim for Your Turkish Property

If you own property in Turkey, you'll eventually think about the interior design, and using kilims is something you should consider. Turkish carpets are works of art in terms of color, pattern, and craftsmanship, yet by those who are unaware of its unique beauty, kilims are frequently seen as the...

10 Steps to Choosing the Best Interior Designer

If the answer to the above questions is yes, you are not alone. In fact, finding an interior designer is not as easy as it sounds. While there are many interior designers, they all differ in many ways, such as quality of service, credibility, and price.

How to Make an Attic Apartment?

In recent years, the loft interior design trend has spread all over the world. You can find loft apartments in different styles, which vary by city or region. Loft style is a new trend these days as young people are moving into smaller apartments and trying to make the most...

5 Mistakes Made in Small Apartment Decoration

Renovating can be difficult if you live in a small apartment. Having said that, it is also possible that you are doing it wrong. When furnishing a small apartment, choosing a design is difficult.

10 Design Trends That Home Owners Are Considering for 2023

Multi-Zone Kitchens: Kitchens traditionally use a three-zone work triangle connecting the refrigerator, sink and stove. More and more homeowners are adding touchpoints and creating additional workspaces. Designers are calling this trend "work trapeze," which can include areas dedicated to baking, prepping and chopping, or separate stations for snacks, drinks and...

Lakehouse Plans with Major Curb Objection

Looking for a summer vacation? Check out these lake house plans. Contemporary floor plans, stylish curb features and easy outdoor access make them great choices for vacation homes or even primary residences. Here are ten of our favorites.

Comfort and Luxury: Porte Cochere House Floor Plan

These Porte Cochere house plans are perfect for securing your vehicle and providing loading and unloading space. They're packed with convenience. Look for covered walkways that make a huge difference. Here are eight striking designs that capture the essence of luxury living.

Turkish Carpet Industry and Factory 2022

Carpet making is one of the oldest professions ever undertaken by man, and carpet weaving is a traditional art dating back to pre-Islamic times. Historians believe that the first birthplace of the hand rug industry was Central Asia and Anatolia, as the tribes living there produced very specialized rugs for...

Turkish House Interior Design

The interior design sector in Turkey is extensive and influenced by the rest of the world due to its geographic location. However, to say Turkey has no original designs would be an understatement. Museums in Turkey have authentic furniture from the Ottoman period; the streets and bazaars are full of...