Turkish Carpet Industry and Factory 2022

Carpet making is one of the oldest professions ever undertaken by man, and carpet weaving is a traditional art dating back to pre-Islamic times. Historians believe that the first birthplace of the hand rug industry was Central Asia and Anatolia, as the tribes living there produced very specialized rugs for...

Turkish House Interior Design

The interior design sector in Turkey is extensive and influenced by the rest of the world due to its geographic location. However, to say Turkey has no original designs would be an understatement. Museums in Turkey have authentic furniture from the Ottoman period; the streets and bazaars are full of...

What are the Characteristics of an ideal House Design

Choosing your house design is one among the foremost exciting phases of building a brand new home. Essentially the key attributes of a good home include liveability, functionality, convenience, comfort and magnificence. The layout and therefore the way the space functions are key to a snug home.

What type of apartment you should to invest in

With the Turkish housing market finally softening enough to let property investors and homebuyers back in, many are wooed by one-bedroom apartments as a reasonable and practical thanks to commence investing in properties. Although nominal, traditionally, one-bedroom flats were perceived as a less desirable option, but does that opinion still...

 What Are Smart Home Systems? How Does It Work?

What you’re curious about smart home technology and practical tips you can use to build your own smart home;