Turkish Houses and Timeless Architectural Styles

From old and traditional to new and modern, Turkish home design has changed dramatically over the years. In the past, Turks built their houses based on local resources, today it is all about comfort and practicality. Over the past 20 years, Turkey has invested heavily in modernizing its housing market. As a result, new developments and buildings have sprung up across the country.

Turkey, however, has not rejected old Turkish home styles, which have gained cult status due to their rare designs and layouts. While some homebuyers in Turkey dream of purchasing one as a renovation project, others, such as those in Saffron City, have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Let's take a look at timeless iconic houses in Turkey and where to find them.

Turkish House Designs

1: Ottoman design

Stroll the streets of ancient cities like Safranbolu or Beypazari and admire iconic Ottoman home designs. The layout of these houses has a Turkish domestic feel with stone floors and white roofs with brown window frames.

The upstairs split-level room represents a central space with many functions, including a place to eat and sleep. The large windows also let in plenty of natural light, since the residents did not have electricity at the time.

Turkish Houses and Timeless Architectural Styles2

2: Türkiye Stone Cottages

Today, renovated stone houses dot the west and south coasts of Turkey for a premium. Izmir's seaside town of Alacati is known for its whitewashed facades and blue shutters, perfect for viewing.

The white Turkish huts are also a landmark in downtown Bodrum, as they look like sugar cube houses scattered on the hills. Kayakoy in the Fethiye region is another place where renovated stone houses dominate the Turkish housing market. The difference between these houses is that they all have a large, shaded courtyard to increase the heat in summer.

3: Cave houses in Cappadocia

This is where it gets interesting. The Cappadocia region of Turkey is famous for its tuff, which locals have historically used to carve their houses. This style can also be seen at the Göreme Open Air Museum, which houses an ancient cave church from the 14th century.

Today, most homes are listed for sale, and when you buy a home, you have to follow strict rules about what you can change and what you want to keep. To see what it's like to live in a cave house, stay at one of the many famous cave hotels scattered throughout Cappadocia.


4: Yayla Plateau Houses

Visiting Kaka Mountain in Türkiye, the design style has changed a lot. Local people have always built their houses with wood from the surrounding forest. Also, they built it on stilts on the ground floor for two reasons.

The first is that livestock live underground, and the heat they emit warms the house. Second, they want to protect themselves from bears and foxes that come out of the forest looking for food. The best places to look at houses in the Yala Plateau are Ayder Plateau and Uzungol.

5: Wooden Houses of Istanbul

Certain monument preservation organizations in Turkey are working to preserve old wooden houses in Istanbul. These are built of wood, but the authorities banned the material in the 19th century because it increased the risk of fire; thus, the houses are open-air museums depicting Istanbul's old days.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites say they have global cultural impact and are part of Turkey's heritage. Other experts say the layout of the central chamber dates back to the nomadic days of the Turks. So far, 55 homes have been repaired, but there are many more homes waiting to be worked on, and the clock is ticking until they finally become a threat. Sogukcesem Street is the best place to see old wooden houses.

Turkish Houses and Timeless Architectural Styles

6: Ottoman Yali Mansions

These houses belong to the old wooden housing complex of Istanbul, but deserve a special mention for their iconic status. On the shores of the Bosphorus are these luxury villas, also known as elegant houses. Some were summer homes built by high-ranking dignitaries during the Ottoman Empire.
One feature that sets them apart is that they are the most expensive homes in Turkey and in some cases, like the Yali mansion in Erbigan, the most expensive homes in the world. A Turkish Yali villa even sold for $115 million. Some have been converted into hotels, restaurants and museums, while others are private homes of wealthy Turkish families.

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