Modern Residential Architecture Styles in Türkiye

Finding the perfect home for everyone is a challenge, which is why contemporary homes are the perfect choice for investors, they have everything you need from exquisite, simple and elegant to aesthetically pleasing. Today, modern Turkish architecture is gaining popularity as investors prefer warmer, sun-drenched homes for a healthier and more serene lifestyle.

As you explore Turkey, you will notice many unique architectural styles in different cities. Turkey's climate is surprisingly diverse, and historically Turkey's building materials have been very diverse. To keep houses warm in winter and cool in summer, you can find houses made of sun-dried bricks in Central Anatolia. Because of this, stone houses are the preferred style in the area. Durability, as well as functional, economical and aesthetic aspects, are essential features of traditional Turkish houses. Especially from the late Ottoman Empire to the early modern Turkish Republic.

What is the traditional house style in Türkiye?

In a city like Istanbul, historically known for its seaside villas, which are some of the most unique collections of traditional Turkish homes, a mix of modern architecture, skyscrapers and traditional homes dominate the landscape.

Modern Residential Architecture Styles in Türkiye2

In the Black Sea region, many houses are built of wood, and further north log houses are common in Rize, Bolu and Trabzon. The main reason is the accessibility and availability of wood from the region's rich forests. Plus, wood is a durable material choice for homes in rainy and cold climates like the region's.

Places with hot climates, such as Bodrum, are famous for their white houses with blue windows; the white paint of the houses is designed to keep the interior cooler by reflecting more sunlight than other houses of a different color. The doors and windows are painted blue to prevent scorpions, snakes and other insects. Bodrum houses are usually made of stone.

What are the types of modern architectural houses in Türkiye?

There are still very old traditional techniques of house building in Türkiye. However, a new type of modern architecture also began to develop in the country. These developments represent new architectural styles and technologies, ranging from the modern luxury villas popular in Turkey's Mediterranean region to the tall skyscrapers and grandiose projects under construction in other parts of the country.

These modern projects are located in different cities, from Istanbul to Izmir, from Ankara to Hatay, from Konya to Kayseri. Stylish, comfortable, and luxurious enough to make everyone's dreams come true, it also adds a lot to Turkey's architectural aesthetic.

There are no rules or equations in architecture, rather creativity and artistic imagination are brought to life through architectural techniques. All in all, modern user interfaces are based on the overall look as a whole, not on the small details of old classic houses.


What are the modern designs of Turkish houses?

It is a furniture style that emerged in the early 20th century and continues to inspire interior designers today. It’s the opposite of traditional design, which relies on clean lines, a simple neutral color palette, and combining everything into a decor. It is special because of its emphasis on abstract thinking, functionality and the designer's idea of ​​modern life.

Modern vs. Contemporary Style

Modern styles have evolved over time. It is not associated with any particular era and may contain modern features. Curved furniture is common in contemporary design. Keep pace with the times and keep pace with the times. Often uneven, decorated with various shapes.

The definition of modern style is widely debated, and almost certainly will remain so in the future. Modern style reflects a certain era. As many people seek simplicity in their lives, many people incorporate modern style into their homes and offices because of its simple, functional qualities. People are drawn to modern style because it seems to simplify things. This feature fits with the open concept design trend. Traditional textiles such as curtains are rarely seen in modern designs. This shows that functionality complements design.

Over time, the philosophy of modern design has changed and it has become easier and more convenient for themes. Every day there is a new trend, it does not have a specific type, but it does have specific characteristics.

Modern Residential Architecture Styles in Türkiye1

Features of Modern House Design:

  • Flat Roofing
  • Steel, Concrete, and Glass
  • Progressive
  • Open Floor Plans
  • Connected Outdoor Spaces

The most beautiful houses in the world are of course the comfortable and peaceful living spaces that make us truly feel at home. For this, of course, an ordinary garden with swimming pool and dazzling eclectic architecture is a must. Not only is the facility to be built in this style, but the materials used should also be in line with modern ideas. In Turkey; concrete, steel, glass and even plastic are used to create palatial, warm and sun-drenched homes. Other timber trim is also used with the girders to contrast with the rest of the structure.

Traditional Turkish houses have a larger footprint than modern houses, which are often divided into many small, purpose-built rooms rather than a few large rooms. Ultimately, traditional homes are designed for more traditional extended families and families, which will become smaller and more efficient over time. Many builders are using open concept designs for new homes, including many that look traditional on the outside but are truly modern and minimal on the inside. This approach is great for making the most of space while maintaining a minimal design, modern floor plan, multifunctional spaces, and seamless open space.

Who said the beauty of a house lies in its size?

Small modern facades look more elegant because they are carefully designed and that is what you should do with the small facade of your house; design carefully.

Modern Residential Architecture Styles in Türkiy

Here are some tips for designing a unique small modern villa for sale in Turkey with facades:

  • Stay away from too many details
  • Make doors and windows as large as possible to give the impression of a wider house
  • Add as little color as possible to keep clarity and expressiveness
  • If you are planning to build a house with several floors, its length may not seem commensurate with its width. Using cladding panels to break up the longitudinal shape in a clever and attractive way can help with this.

Anyone looking to build a new home wants it to have a new, modern look. Therefore, everyone is looking for modern house facades, as they are characterized by finishes that do not limit creativity, since they do not follow any specific rules, but suit all tastes and styles.

With the development of construction and decoration techniques and materials, differentiation and uniqueness have increased, both of which are important aspects of the exterior design of modern houses.

As modern houses become more and more popular, they are always preferred by foreign buyers buying real estate for investment in Turkey. So, be one of the many who owns a modern home that is elegantly designed, timeless and timeless.


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