Turkish Sanitary Ware: Advantages and Import Conditions

About Turkey's Sanitary Ware Market

Many Turkish brands specializing in sanitary ware have appeared in regional and international markets and are known for their high-quality, modern and high-quality designs.

Turkish bathroom products also compete with famous Italian and European brands in terms of design, quality and cost, as Turkish bathroom products are in high demand in the world market.

Sanitary ware has become an important part of Turkey's world exports and has helped increase the GDP value of the Turkish economy.

Turkish bathroom manufacturers rely on natural raw materials such as local marble and ceramics, as well as recycled plastics, making Turkish bathroom manufacturing cheaper and more competitive in the global market.

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Main Bathroom Products in Turkey

The Turkish factory produces a wide range of well-known sanitary materials and sanitary ware, from pipes and hoses to faucets, bathrooms, bathtubs, Jacuzzis, shower enclosures, toilets and sinks.

The Turkish sanitary ware industry is characterized by the all-in-one design of public or private bathrooms, as some divisions of Turkish sanitary ware companies focus on innovating modern decor and finding ideal and unique solutions.

The plumbing industry in Turkey includes marble, ceramics, granite, waterproof and moisture-proof materials, as well as glass, plastic and stainless steel.
Are Turkish bathroom products high quality and competitive?

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The plumbing industry in Turkey meets European quality standards as EU countries are one of the main importers of plumbing and sanitary products in Turkey.

Turkish sanitary ware products are of high quality and are globally competitive, and the industry's annual export volume statistics show the acceptance and satisfaction of Turkish sanitary ware products by international importers.

About the Price of Sanitary Ware in Turkey (Wholesale)

In general, the bathroom prices in Turkey belong to the middle and low-end compared with the bathroom prices in other countries such as European countries, East Asian countries and the Middle East.

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Due to low production costs due to low wages of workers and cheap raw materials, Turkish sanitary ware products are cheap in the world market.

Turkey's bathroom products are of high quality, regardless of whether they are well-known brands, Turkey's bathroom industry is known for its different prices: high, medium, and low.

Bathroom Factories and Companies in Turkey

The main factories and companies producing sanitary ware in Turkey are:


Headquartered in Istanbul, the company is one of the oldest companies in Turkey and has been manufacturing sanitary, sanitary and ceramic products in Turkey for 25 years, selling its products to more than 100 countries around the world.

Turkish Sanitary Ware

  • Piramit Seramik

The factory was established in Kayseri in 1996 and produces ceramics, toilets and washbasins as well as various bathroom accessories.

  • Foma

One of the factories that has been operating in Turkey since 1975, it is characterized by the production of the best types of faucets with attractive and modern design, but also many different sanitary wares to meet the needs and desires of people in the local and global market.

Conditions and Steps for Importing Sanitary Ware From Turkey

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Due to the size of the Turkish market specializing in the manufacture and production of sanitary ware, the competition and supply and demand situation of local and international products, Property Superiors experts advise importers to find reliable and experienced commercial agents in the Turkish market.
This is to save time and effort and to achieve profitable deals for high quality and affordable products.

Importing sanitary ware from Turkey does not require complicated procedures. The Turkish government encourages the export of Turkish products to various countries.

Import procedures are routine procedures, including customs clearance, compliance with specifications, etc.

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