Turkish Carpet Industry and Factory 2022

Carpet making is one of the oldest professions ever undertaken by man, and carpet weaving is a traditional art dating back to pre-Islamic times.
Historians believe that the first birthplace of the hand rug industry was Central Asia and Anatolia, as the tribes living there produced very specialized rugs for tents to cover walls and floors, which then became lucrative trade Crafts.

Carpets in Turkey, reputed to be some of the finest and most luxurious in the world, are woven from raw materials such as wool, cotton or natural and industrial silks, connected by symmetrical knots and vary in size from pillow size to room size.

Turkish rug products have specific characteristics in terms of dyes, colors, designs, textures and craftsmanship, usually embellished with gold and ornate lines, bright colors and Islamic decorations, sometimes with Ottoman letters.

What is the Best Type of Rug to Import From Turkey?

Turkish carpet products have conquered the European and Arab markets, rivaling the quality of Persian carpets known for their durability and strength. So what are the characteristics of the Turkish carpet industry?

Turkish Carpet Industry and Factory 2022

  • Bright and beautiful colors, ornate golden lines that adorn Turkish rugs.
  • Delicate geometric shapes and delicate and refined drawings are the result of a combination of Roman and Byzantine cultures, with Islamic cultural features predominant in the making of Turkish rugs.
  • With many years of experience and history in the Turkish carpet industry, the industry has its roots in the ancient Ottoman Empire.
  • Raw materials for the carpet industry and the efficiency with which carpet weavers and technicians modernize carpet machines.
  • Due to Turkey's geographical proximity to Arab and European markets, it is easy to export Turkish carpets.
  • Secure packaging, fast shipping and flexible customs clearance processes.
  • Various uses of Turkish rugs (souvenirs, merchandise, home textiles).

Turkish Carpet Industry and Factory 20

Top Carpet Factory in Turkey

Turkey is one of the largest carpet manufacturers in the world, producing about 40% of the carpets and exporting them to different countries in the world, and has several leading factories that provide the best types of carpets imported from Turkey.

One of the most famous regions for Turkish rug making is the Khrek region of Kocaeli, where women master and handcraft rug fabrics that are worth a lot, over $10 a piece.

Gaziantep is one of the Turkish carpet cities with about 350 Turkish carpet factories. Turkish carpet factories are common in Istanbul, Izmir, Isparta, Sivas and Konya.

Turkish Carpet Industry and Factory

What is the Best Type of Rug to Import From Turkey?

There are many varieties of Turkish rugs, but there are several countries where consumers prefer importers' favorites, such as:

  • Acrylic Rug
  • Bamboo Rug
  • Plush Carpet
  • Gardenia Carpet
  • Garden Spirit Rug
  • Kingdom Rug
  • Garden Parallel Rug
  • Purple Carpet
  • Oriental Rug
  • Classic Rug
  • Magic Carpet
  • Country Rug
  • Light Carpet
  • Oriental Rug
  • Diamond Carpet

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Average Carpet Prices (Wholesale) in Turkey

Turkish carpet products are generally popular with Arab importers, and Arab countries such as Palestine, Syria, Egypt and Iraq compete to import and sell Turkish carpets, especially handmade ones.

Wholesale prices for Turkish rugs vary depending on the materials used in the manufacturing process. The higher the material price, the higher the carpet price.

Prices refer to quality, painted inscriptions, shape, decoration and size. Importers can determine which designs and drawings they want to print on the carpet.

Turkish Carpet Industry and Factory 202

Methods and Steps to Import Carpets From Turkey

Property Superiors provides various forms of assistance to importers to facilitate the importation of carpets from Turkey, the import steps are as follows:
Identify the best suppliers and manufacturers and choose the best resources in Turkey.

  • Organize everything related to negotiation to get the best price and arrange delivery.
  • Packaging operations are carried out in a manner that ensures the safe entry of the product into the importer.
  • Customs clearance by experts in the field.
  • Depending on the product type, use one of the shipping methods available to ensure safe arrival in the importing country.


How to Get a Turkish Carpet Product Agent

You can contact an international trading company to sign an agency for purchasing Turkish carpet products, under this agency, the importer can do all import work for the company and ensure all carpet needs and required specifications.

All details on prices, packaging mechanisms, shipping methods and customs clearance are also agreed under the agency.

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