Most Superlative in Turkey

The longest river in Türkiye... Is Kızılırmak, 1,355 kilometers (842 miles) long. In addition to its impressive length, it also has a delta, which is a bird sanctuary and welcomes migratory birds every winter.

Rights of Real Estate Investors in Turkey

In the field of real estate investment in Turkey, the number of foreign investors is growing significantly every year, especially from Arab investors, due to the facilities, incentives and huge offers in the market and the deteriorating conditions in the Middle East and The growing turmoil is casting a shadow....

Important Steps to Take Before Buying Real Estate in Turkey

Turkey the distinguished real estate country, the first and last destination of real estate investors...There are many reasons for investors' interest and strong desire to build real estate projects in Turkey, because Turkey has a strategic location and other natural factors, pleasant climate and superstitious views, human resources..

Inheritance Law in Turkey

Those who own and want to invest in real estate in Turkey often ask about inheritance tax. So what is the succession mechanism and related laws in Turkey?

Real Estate Investment Types in Turkey

Investing in real estate in Turkey is superior to other investments because the fields of successful investment and their vehicles are diverse and its components include different components such as: B. Stock market investment, industrial

Best Museums in Istanbul

Best Museums in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world, it combines the modern and the past, integrates different cultures and religions, is a mixture of different civilizations, full of history and civilization. It is also famous for having many Ottoman museums and archaeological palaces that will tell...

Investing in Turkish Real Estate Rental or Sale

Real estate is the best long-term investment, and the real estate investment market in Turkey knows no borders. Many foreigners flock to take advantage of lower prices, new construction and the potential for more capital and investment.

Everything You Need to Know About Clothing Markets in Istanbul

The Turkish city of Istanbul attracts Arabs and foreigners, tourists and investors because of its origins. Everything you need to know about the Istanbul clothing market:

Turkey in Ramadan Feast: What Activities Can You Do?

Ramadan is also known as Sugar Feast in Turkey. The name comes from the tradition of offering sugar when someone visits your home. Ramadan is a time for families to come together and have fun, emphasizing the moral importance of the family. Everyone is well dressed.

What are the Advantages of Land Investment in Turkey?

Recently, Turkey's land investment has attracted interest from many parts of the world. These people invest in Turkey for reasons such as investment and residence. So why invest in land in Turkey? The reasons are as follows:

Legal Details You Should Know About Buying a Property in Turkey

As far as the European real estate market is concerned, Turkey is the most promising country, especially due to its unique geographical location. Turkey is located between Europe and the Middle East, connecting Central Asia and Europe, making Turkey full of great opportunities for real estate investment.

Turkey: Investment and Entrepreneurship Opportunities

Turkey is a growing and dynamic country that welcomes innovation and provides the right environment for investors. When these qualifications are combined with our young and skilled workforce, the region will become an attractive market for foreign investors and entrepreneurs.