The Coolest Neighborhoods of Istanbul

It is easy to mention, İstanbul is an 8 thousand years old settlement. Today, countless historical buildings that appear everywhere Istanbul turn it into an enormous open-air museum. Numerous venues, restaurants, cafes, or patisseries that keep the social memory alive also occupy a vital place among the nostalgic places of...

11 Historical Places You Should See in Istanbul

Istanbul has developed under the rule of the many states and has been the middle of varied cultures. Connecting Europe and Asia through the Bosphorus Strait, Istanbul is one in every of the foremost cosmopolitan metropolises within the world. Undoubtedly, the foremost striking feature of the history of Istanbul is...

Residential Real Estate

Residential Real Estate

Residential land is all of the permanent additions to the real estate land and also the land that exists on the land like water resources, trees, minerals, buildings, fences, bridges, etc. the foremost basic and important distinction between assets and movable is that the assets expressed as assets are immovable.

The Most Important 6 Advantages of Property Investment in Turkey

Turkey topped the ecu countries in selling the biggest number of realty during 2021, at about 1.5 million, consistent with the information of the Turkish Statistics Authority, and therefore the closest European nation to that had registered only one.

Information About the Bakirkoy Region

Bakirkoy is found within the European section of Istanbul and encompasses a beach with a corniche on the coast of the Marmara Sea, characterized by the organization of its wide clean streets and also the sophistication of its residents.

15 Things You Should Know When Buying Land

You may have heard that the currently most precious districts of Istanbul were once fields or vineyards. Photographs from back when Maslak was full of vineyards and Kartal was a fishing village are circulating on the web.

Buying Property in Turkey as a Foreigner

To avoid turning a blessing into a nightmare, you want to know the correct thanks to buy property in Turkey. Our land consultants have put out an inventory of the foremost important aspects to contemplate. It’s best if you follow the guidelines so as to realize the foremost satisfying experience.

Top Tips for Purchasing a Direct Nisantasi Istanbul Realty

Turkey features a growing population of international expatriates who have found a brand new target one amongst the world's fastest-growing cities. Once referred to as the economic capital of the empire, Istanbul has transformed into a cosmopolitan metropolis with a thriving arts scene, centuries-old monuments, and a newly discovered charm.

Büyükçekmece Region – Istanbul Lung

Büyükçekmece is one in every of the foremost important summer vacation destinations for the people of the country and tourists alike. With a quiet seacoast that extends over 25 km², you may not find a clearer or more wonderful place for calmness and meditation.

Guide to Purchasing a Property in Turkey

A foreigner has the correct to shop for an apartment in Turkey (ie, own assets in Turkey) altogether parts of the country, apart from areas near military gatherings and strategic locations like oil and power stations, airports, seaports, and others. he's also entitled to have over one apartment, house or...

Turkish Traditions You Should Know About

Turkish Traditions – a number of our habits, which are a component of our way of life, are from Ottoman periods, and a few are from older ones. However, each of them has virtues like benevolence, solidarity, helping people in need, and kindness. On the opposite hand, some details that...

What are the Opportunities to Buy a House in Turkey?

Both social amenities and on-site amenities are quite important while buying your dream house. Everyone seeks tranquility and peace in their homes generally. Therefore, they attach importance to on-site amenities and native amenities while purchasing a house to succeed in them more easily.