Steps to buy a property in Turkiye in 2024

Buying a property in Turkey is not a difficult or complicated process or requires bureaucratic procedures. Rather, it is done through simple steps that lead to the new owner obtaining the Tabu document, which shows that he has the legal right to the property and has the right to housing, real estate investment, or obtaining Turkish citizenship from During which, therefore, the steps to purchase a property in Turkey for the year 2024 are:

1- Communicate with a reliable real estate company

We always begin the steps of buying a property in Turkey by communicating with a real estate company and not the construction company, because the former does not aim to be only a mediator, but rather provides advice and consultations and expands the search for the best property in Turkey. As for the construction company, it is only interested in selling its project properties without giving many options. The mission of the company and the real estate consultant is to inform the client of the laws and costs of purchasing a property in Turkey and send him several offers that are compatible with his goals of real estate ownership in Turkey.

2- Reserving the property

After the customer receives offers from the customer service employee at the real estate company and agrees on a property, an initial reservation of the property is made by transferring 1% of the value of the property. That is, if its price is set at 100 thousand dollars, the property reservation fee amounts to 1000 dollars. This amount is refundable if the client does not like the property on the ground. This process aims to stabilize the property and not sell it to other clients for a week or two, which is the period of making a flight reservation and the client coming to Turkey.

3- Real estate tour

When the client arrives at the airport in Turkey and is received by the company’s services team, he is transferred to the hotel that was booked in advance to rest for the second day or a few hours before conducting the real estate tour of the projects he liked and seeing them in reality in terms of reviewing the mock-up (engineering model) and visiting the model apartment and learning about Location, view, services, etc.

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4- Extracting the real estate evaluation report

It is an important and necessary step that aims to protect the client from random pricing of Turkish real estate by determining the market value of the property, which is done by a company licensed to extract the report or a committee emanating from the Land Registry Directorate, noting that the report is required as a basic document when submitting a request to transfer real estate ownership in the end.

5-Concluding a real estate purchase contract

The construction company or the sales office that represents it on the project land prepares a real estate purchase contract consisting of several clauses guaranteeing its rights as a seller and a first party and the client’s rights as a buyer and a second party. Contracts are usually written in Turkish and English. If the client does not master any of these languages, a translator or translation is requested. The contract is in the preferred language. The contract includes personal information about the seller and his address, as well as the customer. Then it enters into the details of the property in terms of area, location, location within the building, its destination, number, area, number of rooms, delivery date, electrical appliances that will be delivered with the project, etc. After that, the contracts must be signed by both parties, then Certified by the Turkish notary.

6- Selling foreign currency

The client must sell his foreign currency to the Central Bank of Turkey through an intermediary bank and exchange it for local currency equivalent to the value of the property.

7- Transferring the value of the property

The value of the property is transferred in Turkish Lira from the seller’s account to the customer’s account via the same intermediary bank.

8- Preparing the ownership transfer file

The application file for transferring real estate ownership and obtaining the real estate taboo consists of a set of papers:

  1. Client's passport or Turkish residency (if applicable).
  2. A copy of the passport translated into Turkish and certified by the Turkish notary.
  3. The investor's tax number is extracted free of charge from the Tax Directorate.
  4. Personal Photos.
  5. Real estate purchase contract signed and certified.
  6. The real estate evaluation report is valid for 3 months after obtaining it.
  7. Receipt of sale of foreign currency to the Central Bank of Turkey.
  8. A receipt for transferring the value of the property in Turkish Lira from the seller’s account to the customer’s account.
  9. Earthquake and disaster insurance policy in Türkiye.
  10. Payment receipt for the 4% title deed fee.

9- Book an appointment

An online appointment must be taken before heading to the Land Registry Directorate by the seller and the buyer or whoever represents one or both of them under a legal agency.

10- Ownership transfer transaction

On the day of the appointment, they go to the Land Registry and Real Estate Survey Directorate and hand the employee the required papers to initiate the transfer of ownership of the property from the seller to the buyer and grant the latter the title deed document of the property.

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