New amendment regarding real estate residency in Türkiye 2023

On Monday 10/16/2023, the Turkish authorities issued a new decision amending the financial condition for granting a real estate residence permit in Turkey, raising the value of the property granting real estate residency from $75,000 to $200,000.

Conditions for granting real estate residency in Türkiye:

  • Buying a property in Turkey for a value of no less than $200,000.
  • The buyer must be among the nationalities entitled to own real estate in Turkey.
  • The property must be a residential property type.
  • The reason for purchasing must be housing, not real estate investment.
  • The property must not be close to Turkish military and security barracks and centers, and the distance must not be less than 400 meters.


Documents required to obtain real estate residency in Türkiye:

  • Real estate title deed in Türkiye (easement or complete).
  • Real estate evaluation report in Turkey, which shows that the value of the property is not less than 200 thousand dollars.
  • Notice of selling foreign currency to the Central Bank of Turkey and exchanging it for local currency via an intermediary bank.
  • Notice of transfer of the property value in Turkish Lira (equivalent to the previous day’s exchange rate) from the seller’s account to the customer’s account.
  • A valid passport in Türkiye.
  • Tourist residence or previous residence in Türkiye (if applicable).
  • A copy of the entry stamp to Türkiye.
  • A copy of the foreign passport translated into Turkish and certified by the Turkish notary.
  • Buyer's tax number.
  • Personal Photos.
  • Health insurance policy in Türkiye.
  • A residence permit in Turkey is extracted from the Turkish civil registry based on the real estate title deed document.
  • Notice of payment of residence fees in Türkiye.
  • Residency application form in Türkiye.

real estate residency in Türkiye

How to obtain real estate residency in Türkiye:

  • Buying a property in Turkey with a value of no less than $200,000 and registering it officially in the Land Registry.
  • Enter the Turkish Residency website and fill out the form with personal data to obtain an appointment.
  • Print the appointment sheet and go to the nearest branch of the Presidency of Immigration and Foreigners Affairs in Turkey, bringing the above-mentioned papers with the day and hour specified for the appointment.
  • Submitting the papers to the competent employee, who in turn ensures that they are all provided, then asks the applicant to pay the fees in the window designated for that.
  • After paying the fees and including the receipt in the real estate residency application file in Turkey, the employee gives the applicant a follow-up number.
  • It takes from one week to 90 days at most to study the application, then approval is issued and the application is transferred to the real estate residence card printing department and then sent to the client’s address.

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