Main principles of real estate investment in Turkiye

Real estate investment in Turkey is defined as real estate trade through trading through buying and selling, and as the reality of trade is profit and loss, as it is said, the same applies to the reality of real estate investment, so it must be built on sound foundations within the rules and principles of real estate investment in Turkey.

What are the principles of real estate investment in Turkiye?

Real estate and investment experts in Turkey have developed 9 main principles that will contribute directly to the success of the investment process. These principles are:

First - Flexibility:

In the sense of adapting and dealing with developments in the real estate market with intelligence, sophistication, and planning by the investor, it is possible that fluctuations may occur in the real estate market that lead to a decline in prices or a stagnation in demand. From here comes the importance of flexibility in thinking about interim solutions in the foreseeable and long term, through diversifying the investment portfolio.

Second - Commitment:

Commitment works for the benefit of the investor. Certainly, there is continuous growth and decline in investment indicators, and real estate constitutes an important sector of the investment process. However, commitment and moving towards achieving the set goal are among the important principles of successful investment, and therefore those who follow the market movement patiently and carefully are described as investment experts.


Third: Development and technology:

Advanced technological means in the Turkish real estate sector are no longer a secondary matter that can be dispensed with. Rather, they have become a necessity and a basic pillar that contributes to raising the investment value of the property, especially the introduction of SMART HOME technology, due to its multiple advantages.

Fourth - Market study:

The market is studied and analyzed according to current real estate values and data and by comparison with the property that the investor wants to obtain. This helps to understand the market and form ideas about the process of real estate trading, buying, or selling, in order to determine real estate market indicators, including offers and investment opportunities.

Fifth - Price study:

Real estate prices in Turkey vary depending on the city, location, region, building quality, height, area, views, number of rooms, and services, so all of them must be studied based on the average prices per square meter of real estate in one region.

Sixth: Determine the type of property:

One of the basic foundations and principles that must be taken into account in determining the type of property, as there are residential properties such as apartments and villas, commercial properties such as offices and shops, and tourist properties such as hotels, resorts, and hotels apartments, in addition to lands of all types.

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Seventh: Identify the advantages and disadvantages of the property:

Every property, no matter how high its status, has drawbacks and drawbacks. It also has advantages and disadvantages that must be recognized and taken into account, whether they are large or large, because of the effects they have on the process of making or failing the investment.

Eighth - Choosing the investment area:

Not every property is an investment. There are properties that are more suitable for housing, and the same is true for areas. Therefore, you must cooperate with a reliable real estate consultant to determine the best areas with an investment character in Turkey.

Ninth - Timing of buying and selling:

Not all times are suitable for real estate trading, and it is not possible or even logical to make a profit resulting from the price difference when buying a property and then reselling it after a few months. Growth in the investment value of Turkish real estate requires a time period ranging from 3 to 5 years.

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