Important Tips About Real Estate Investment in Turkiye 2023 - 2024

Future expectations, studies, and research on the extent of the success of real estate investment in Turkey for the year 2023 - 2024 at the medium and long-term levels constitute the main concern of the real estate investor in Turkey in order to calculate the level of profits that can be achieved or expected and not bear unaccounted financial risks.

To obtain the best results and the highest guaranteed and stable profitable investment returns resulting from investing in Turkish real estate for the year 2023 - 2024, We are here from Property Superiors provide you the following advice:

Cooperation with a real estate company:

We recommend that you first contact a reliable real estate company in Turkey with a long history in the Turkish real estate market. We as a property agency in Turkey, have active members in the realty market for the past 10 years and their knowledge in the Banking and Finance field complements your prospects for a successful investment. 



Real estate investment in Türkiye:

Learn about the reality of real estate investment in Turkey by learning about the laws, conditions, controls, costs, taxes, pros and cons.

The reason for real estate ownership in Türkiye:

Inform the customer service at the real estate company that the reason for real estate ownership in Turkey is real estate investment, not housing.

Distinguishing between residential and investment property:

Residential real estate differs from investment real estate in terms of features and features, just as residential areas differ from investment areas.

Real estate investment in Türkiye does not lose:

You should be comfortable and reassured that real estate investment in Turkey is not losing because the property will either remain the same in terms of price or rise in the next three to five years.

Real estate investment in Türkiye preserves capital:

Real estate investment in Turkey is the most capital-preserving investment and has the least risks, unlike industrial and commercial investments.

Real estate investment offers:

Request offers that match your goals of real estate ownership in Türkiye.

Types of real estate that can be invested in:

Learn about the advantages of investing in residential and commercial real estate, such as apartments, villas, offices, shops, hotels, or hotel apartments.


Types of real estate investment in Türkiye:

Learn about the types of real estate investment in Turkey, including reselling after several years by buying a property under construction and waiting until it is completed and then reselling it, or buying a ready-made property and renting it for several years.

Properties under construction in Türkiye:

You own property under construction from a well-known construction company because its prices will rise significantly when it is ready, and the more the purchase process is made at the beginning of the project’s launch and even before the excavation work begins, that is, at the stage of plans, drawings, maquettes, and obtaining licenses, the higher the profit percentage will be upon its completion.

Legal safety of the property:

Ensure the legal integrity of the property in terms of the availability of the necessary licenses and title deed documents.

Real estate tour:

Conduct a real estate tour and see the property inside and out for yourself. Head to the model apartment, see the views and learn about the available spaces and styles.

Diversifying the investment portfolio in Türkiye:

Diversify your investment portfolio between residential and commercial properties, including Istanbul real estate, Ankara real estate, Antalya real estate, and others.

Real Estate Investment in Turkiye 2

Diversifying real estate investment methods in Türkiye:

Diversify investment methods between investing in under-construction properties and investing in ready-made properties.

Handing over the property to a property management company:

Request management of your property from a property management company in Turkey through resale as a short and medium-term investment or through renting the property through a long-term investment.

Turkey began a new era with the entry of the second hundred of its founding on October 29, 1923. Therefore, the Turkish government began several years ago what is known as Turkey’s Vision 2023 through dozens of government development projects on the Turkish map, most notably the Istanbul Water Canal Project, Basaksehir Medical City, the Grand Istanbul Tunnel, and Istanbul Airport. The International Airport, one of the largest airports in the world, the Eurasia Tunnel, the North Marmara Highway, the Istanbul-Izmir Road, and other infrastructure projects contribute directly to enhancing investment in Turkey and the Turkish economy in general.

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