How to Make an Attic Apartment?

In recent years, the loft interior design trend has spread all over the world. You can find loft apartments in different styles, which vary by city or region. Loft style is a new trend these days as young people are moving into smaller apartments and trying to make the most of it.

Before designing a loft apartment, one must first consider what a loft apartment is. Are you really looking for a loft apartment or just want the feel of longevity?

What is a loft apartment?

Loft apartments are large open spaces, often converted from industrial buildings to residences. Loft apartments have no interior walls except for the bathroom, but are characterized by high ceilings.

In the loft apartment, in addition to exposed columns and beams, exposed pipes and large ventilation ducts can be seen. The characteristic materials of the loft apartment are wood, concrete and glass, which is also reflected in the large windows.

These minimal apartments consist of nothing but the shell of the building. Avoid taking any measures that cover the skin. The main goal is to maintain the feeling of open space in the foreground.

How to Make an Attic Apartmen

Where did it come from?

While the loft style is believed to have originated in New York City, original loft homes converted from industrial buildings to residential buildings can also be found in certain areas of Manhattan and Brooklyn. With this trend popping up around the world, you can find loft-style apartments just about anywhere.

What are hard lofts and soft lofts?

After the war, commercial buildings were converted into residential buildings in the central light industrial area. These first-, second-, and third-era conversions are known as "hard lofts," meaning the residences had actually been used for other purposes before.

On the other hand, homes built over the past two decades to revive the look and feel of loft living are known as "light lofts."

To capture the look of a loft apartment, it's not always possible to live in a loft in the desired area and have all the features like floor-to-ceiling windows with these apartments. As a result, most people just think of recognizing some of the characteristics of the loft style, which is mostly described as a "loft-style" apartment.

How to Make an Attic Apartment

What is Loft Living?

Loft living has its own culture. Artists and craftsmen began to secretly set up studios in old factories or warehouses in order to find free places to live, work and create.

As loft living becomes more and more popular, it attracts more and more attention to envision how these interiors can be done through the influence of interior designers.

The interior design of these apartments required maximum freedom of movement, which was not an easy task. This is how the elements of loft living come together: a giant bed, a giant dining table, some industrial shelving and shelves that double as closets, some walls to roll when needed, some privacy without breaking the square footage.

Other meanings of loft apartment?

Apartments with an upstairs open loft area that looks into the main living space are also considered loft apartments. This mezzanine is often used as a bedroom and sometimes as an office. These apartments were also known as "California Loft Apartments" in the 1970s.

For added security, the mezzanine has metal or wooden railings. While open spaces are often desired in loft apartments, the use of half walls for added privacy, especially in sleeping areas, has become increasingly popular.

Although duplex loft apartments can sometimes be found, the high ceilings of these industrial apartments often offer the opportunity to build mezzanines. In this case, there is no standard ceiling height in the upper area, which is another reason why this place is mainly used as a bedroom.

What are the main features of a loft apartment?

Since this is a converted industrial building, the loft apartment has industrial style details. The most important elements to maintain an industrial spirit are:
brick wall

  • Large Ventilation Duct
  • Exposed Pipes
  • Bare Column
  • Visible Bar
  • Wooden Floor


How to design a loft-style apartment?

Be Simple

Even without a "hard loft" apartment, a modern, clear loft living style can be recognized. The main idea of ​​interior design in loft style is to create a perfect combination of calm and rough materials with flat and clear surfaces.

Loft styles are often confused with minimalist furniture styles. The main feature that distinguishes these two furniture trends is the use of industrial elements in loft-style interiors.

Be Brave

As mentioned above, acoustics are an issue inside lofts. The best preventative measure is to prioritize sound-absorbing materials. In this case, the use of textiles can save lives. By choosing wooden furniture with chunky fabric upholstery, throwing a throw over the sofa, and an area rug on the floor, you can address the acoustics of a room and add bold style.

Light Up

Since the natural qualities of a material are important to a loft interior style, the first goal of lighting should be to emphasize the value of the material. By installing wall sconces that act as a wall-wash lighting system, you can accentuate the brick wall and keep the interior bright.

Natural light is not an issue in a "hard loft," but for loft-style interiors, lighting should be installed carefully to give the impression of an open space and allow light to flow naturally. Strongly illuminating room boundaries with corner wall lights can help create the illusion of a larger interior space.

Stay Stable

The loft lifestyle should avoid crowded interior spaces and lots of furniture. Extending the worktop is a great solution for defining the boundaries of the kitchen and creating a dining area. By choosing bar stools, you can gain more space. In particular, the Ghost Chair in the bar stool version fits perfectly into stylish lofts.

Support Art

The best way to show respect for your loft living roots is to hang artwork on the high walls. The effect of the artwork will be mesmerizing due to the natural light streaming through the large windows.

How to Make an Attic Apartment1

What are the pros and cons of the loft living style?

Although the loft lifestyle has become a trend, it's not always for everyone. Loft living may seem stylish and cozy to some, but standard loft living may not be as comfortable as it seems.

High Ceilings


The best feature of a loft-style apartment is the high ceiling. It conveys a feeling of openness and a free space that can meet different needs.


While they give an open feel, high ceilings have some downsides. First of all, climbing over the high wall is not easy. The design and design of the box requires consultation with an interior designer.

Since there are no partition walls, the existing high walls are mainly used for storage. To get the most out of it, you may need to cover the walls with cabinets. It is also important to have a ladder in your home if you need one.

Open Space


Open spaces with a minimalist design are one of the main features of loft apartments. When designing a loft apartment, walls are not used to divide rooms. In some lofts, only foldable partitions are used to provide more privacy. Therefore, the apartments are not separated for different uses and can be changed at any time.


Loft apartments are not suitable for sharing as the walls are mainly used only for the bathroom. Lack of privacy can be an issue when apartments are shared, and loft apartments can redesign bedroom walls and transform into loft-style apartments.

High Windows


High windows are the best way to connect the indoor and outdoor worlds. Natural light and heat ensure healthy living. Depending on the location of the loft, beautiful views can be enjoyed through the large windows.


High ceilings and open spaces with floor-to-ceiling windows allow for adjustable insulation. This situation will result in a substantial increase in costs for hot and cold months.

How to Make an Attic Apartment2

What should be considered before planning a loft apartment?


The first thing to consider is the storage space in the loft apartment. Since open space is the main feature of loft apartments, the absence of walls poses a problem for storing items, and it takes a little creativity to accommodate so many things in a small space while still making them look nice.


Maintaining a good climate is very difficult, especially in hard loft apartments that were formerly used for industrial purposes. Considering the large windows, high ceilings and cold stone walls, the heating and cooling system should be well organized.


When designing a loft-style apartment, special attention must be paid to the acoustics. Since the high ceiling is an open space without walls, the sound can easily spread throughout the apartment. Therefore, the interior materials should give priority to sound-absorbing materials, and the furniture should be carefully decorated.


Another problem with loft apartments is noise and smell. Open kitchen odors can be absorbed by textiles. Kitchen design must be careful in this regard. Ventilation should be well designed to prevent the spread of odors.


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