5 Mistakes Made in Small Apartment Decoration

Renovating can be difficult if you live in a small apartment. Having said that, it is also possible that you are doing it wrong.

When furnishing a small apartment, choosing a design is difficult. Choosing a place for a dining table or even a rug can be very difficult. If you live in a small apartment and want to spruce up your surroundings, then this article is for you. You'll learn about the most common mistakes when furnishing a small apartment.

It goes without saying that most interior designers, especially those living in urban areas, know how to perfectly design every square inch of an apartment. We can't deny that the smallest space still demands the most thoughtful layout. Every instrument involved must be included in the planning. Also, guests of small apartment owners should be able to move freely within the area. The main task of an interior designer is to create places to play, work and rest using less furniture and more air.

In this article, we list five of the most common mistakes when furnishing a small apartment. Plus, we've listed what you can do to avoid them. Read on and enjoy!

5 Mistakes Made in Small Apartment Decoration

Lack of ergonomics

When it comes to interior design, interior designers focus on comfort and practicality. It's good to have a lot of things in your area, such as a large closet, but it's even better to have at least one closet. Because when you put more than two cabinets in a room, you usually forget about space and ergonomics. The dimensions of the passage next to the corridor must be 110 cm for two people and 90 cm for one person. This is the recommended size to avoid crowded hallways. This also applies to the distance between the living room and the kitchen. You won't like it if something interferes with the table setting and cooking. Note that if you don't want to cling to corners, be sure to leave a gap of about 50cm between furniture. If you're short on space, you can expand with compact backrests, chairs and folding tables.

Crushing small space

One of the most common mistakes people make is when they want to divide a compact apartment into several areas. After manipulation, an intricate maze will appear. To fix this, you should consider merging small spaces. You can easily achieve this with an even wall color. Also remember that it's important to separate the sleeping areas, but you can do this without losing air. You might consider curtains or glass partitions.


Lack of system planning

Proper space planning is very important if you live in a small apartment. The choice of wall design and the arrangement of appliances and cabinets is not the right way to make your small apartment look airy. If you work from home, it's a good idea to have a separate workspace. Specific analysis is required, and transformation is necessary. Large cabinets or appliances must be set against the wall. Just remember not to create confusing effects.

The choice of classic style

The interior design must be adapted to the area of ​​the space. Therefore, choosing a classic design in a small space is not the best choice. Classic style calls for a great room with high windows and ceilings. Baroque, vintage and classic styles are ideal for symmetrical areas where it is easier to create rhythm with specific lines, panels and wallpaper. The contemporary style is perfect when it comes to a small area as it allows you to use a sectional sofa or set up a partial storage system with dividers, drawers and shelves.

Do not use room height

Furniture must match the size of the apartment. High cabinets are recommended. This will help increase your range of motion. Pick things you don't use often and put them in a closet or on top of a shelf. One option you can consider to delineate the space is to use a pedestal with a bed. During the day, it can be hidden in an alcove and can be used as a guest room, and at night - a sleeping area. For small areas, make sure not to pyramid across the width, but upwards. Thus, a leisure area will be provided for tourists.


Many people now live in small apartments. When they intend to decorate on it, they usually make mistakes. We hope this article has given you some ideas of what to avoid when furnishing a small space apartment.


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