10 differences between European Istanbul and Asian Istanbul

Surely you are aware that Istanbul is located on two continents at the same time, which gives it unique characteristics and qualities. This unique geographical location must have piqued your interest, and if you want to learn more about both sides, here are the top ten differences between them. adhere to us This article will serve as a comprehensive reference.

Differences between European Istanbul and Asian Istanbul

Although Istanbul is a single Turkish city, its location between the continents of Europe and Asia allows for differentiation, as experts have refuted ten major differences between the two continents of Istanbul in terms of:

First - geographical location:

European Istanbul and Asian Istanbul are adjacent to each other and separated by the Bosphorus Strait, which is considered a natural border separating the two continents and defines the features of each of them, which in turn connects the Istanbul Marmara seas to the south and the Black Sea to the north.

You can move between the European and Asian continents of Istanbul via:

  • First Bosphorus Bridge (July 15 Martyrs Bridge).
  • Second Bosphorus Bridge (Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge).
  • Third Bosphorus Bridge (Sultan Yavuz Selim Bridge).
  • Eurasia Tunnel for private cars.
  • Marmaray Tunnel for metro transportation.

The Grand Istanbul Tunnel (under construction) consists of 3 floors, the first for the metro, the second and the third for private cars.


Second - Quality of living:

The city of Istanbul is considered a decentralized city consisting of 39 municipalities, 25 of which are on the European side and 14 of which are on the Asian side. Each municipality has an administrative and economic system of government similar to self-government, but all municipalities belong to the Greater Istanbul Municipality. The quality of life differs between European Istanbul and Asian Istanbul due to the services provided by each municipality. The quality of living varies from one to the other, and in general, Asian Istanbul is known as the place where celebrities, including politicians, athletes, and artists live. Perhaps this makes the quality of living in Asian Istanbul higher than its Asian counterpart.

Third: Cost of living:

The cost of living in each of the European and Asian municipalities of Istanbul is determined according to the quality of services provided by the municipality, such as Arab and international schools, private universities, private hospitals, and the type of service, and the costs differ between them, which in the end makes the cost of living vary between European and Asian Istanbul.

Fourth - Tourist areas:

There is almost no tourist area in European Istanbul that is not matched by another tourist area in Asian Istanbul, and this includes natural and historical tourism sites. For example, European Istanbul is proud to include the parks and forests of Belgrade, an outlet for the people of the city, while Asian Istanbul responds by providing the Beykoz and Aidos forests and the Polish village, and this also includes beaches. And the coasts and tourist resorts that both continents of Istanbul enjoy, spread on the banks of the Black Sea to the north and the Sea of Marmara to the south. In terms of tourist places, European Istanbul, for example, is famous for Taksim Square, Istiklal Street, and Galata Tower, compared to Asian Istanbul for the Kadıköy area, Baghdad Street, and the Girl’s Tower, and if the Sultan Eyup area is... The oldest European district of Istanbul, the Uskudar district in Asian Istanbul is the oldest district of Istanbul ever, and so on.

Fifth - Job opportunities:

European Istanbul is famous for being an economic, industrial and commercial destination more than its European counterpart, but this fame did not last long, especially after the Atasehir neighborhood in an urban area in Asian Istanbul was chosen as the location for the construction of one of Istanbul’s most important development projects, the Istanbul International Finance Center, which raised the investment value of the Asian side of the city. Istanbul and increased the momentum of economic competition between the two continents and provided thousands of job opportunities and investment areas.

Sixth - the human factor:

The population of Istanbul as a whole is approaching 16 million people, making it the largest Turkish city in terms of population. The population of Istanbul is distributed between its European and Asian sides. Despite the number of accurate statistics, European Istanbul has the upper hand in terms of population presence more than its Asian counterpart. Perhaps this is due to its international fame and places. The most historical and job opportunities that the previous years provided for them

Seventh: Quality of infrastructure:

It cannot be said that Asian Istanbul has better infrastructure than European Istanbul, or vice versa. Both sides receive government attention in the field of infrastructure development and rehabilitation, and at a time when the Kagithane region is famous for witnessing one of the largest government works in terms of reconstruction and urban rehabilitation, the municipality Kadikoy in Istanbul, Asia, is blessed with comprehensive urban rehabilitation, as evidenced by the fact that both towns have announced an exemption from the 4% real estate ownership transfer fee to encourage construction companies and investors to launch real estate projects and own real estate there.

Eighth - Real estate prices:

Turkish real estate prices in Istanbul are determined according to several criteria:

  • Location of the property:

    The more the location is within a vital area surrounded by health, educational and entertainment services and transportation networks, the higher the value of the properties therein.
  • Construction quality:

    The age and quality of construction, cladding, and finishes increase or decrease the value of the property
  • Area and number of rooms:

    It is illogical for an apartment with an area of 70 square meters to be the same price as an apartment with an area of 200 square meters. Therefore, the larger the area and the greater the number of rooms, the higher the price.
  • View:

    In Turkey, the view of the property determines its value. When the view is on the sea, on the forest, or open to the highways, the price of the property is higher than the interior views or poor views.
  • Internal services:

    Properties located within modern real estate complexes provide a range of services, whether increasing or decreasing. The more services there are, the more diversified they are, and the higher their quality, the higher the price of the property, and vice versa.

Turkish real estate prices in Istanbul

Ninth - Real estate investment:

Real estate investment areas vary between the European and Asian sides of Istanbul according to their economic and commercial importance. The areas of Esenyurt, Basin Express, Beylikduzu, Sisli, Basaksehir, Maslak, Umraniye, Atasehir, and Maltepe stand out among the real estate investment areas in Istanbul due to the commercial activities established in them on the one hand and the presence of government development projects in most of them on the other hand.

Tenth - Government projects:

Most of the Turkish government's development projects are focused on European Istanbul in particular for several reasons, including the large population presence and the abundance of tourist interest. Among the most prominent government projects in European Istanbul we mention:

  1. Istanbul Water Canal (under construction)
  2. Istanbul International Airport (most of its stages opened)
  3. Basaksehir Medical City
  4. New metro stations, especially the Istanbul Airport metro

As for Asian Istanbul, it is currently proud of an important government development project for Istanbul in particular and for Turkey in general, which is the Istanbul Financial City Project or the Istanbul International Finance Center in Atasehir, through which Turkey seeks to transform the country into a regional and international center for finance and a global financial capital linking Asia, Europe, and the East to the West.


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